A Brief Guide To WriteFreely

If you've made an account and aren't sure what to do from there, here's a short primer to what you can do with it. The developers of WriteFreely host their own tutorial at their website, which I'd recommend taking a quick look at, but it doesn't cover everything.

The Text Editor

When you're signed into your account and viewing the main repository page, you'll see the post editor. I'd recommend opening it in a new tab if you're interested in following this tutorial. The editor uses Markdown formatting; if you're not familiar with that, WriteFreely has a reference here. It covers basic text formatting, as well as things like pinning posts to your blog, and tags (e.g. #repositutorial ). Aside from that, you'll see (from left to right along the top);

Your Blogs

On this page you'll be able to see your blogs (you can create up to 10 under a single account). From here, you can view account settings at the top of the page by hovering over your username, if you want to change your username / email / password, as well as a link to your Drafts. Alternatively, clicking 'The Triggerphrase Repository' will send you back to the post editor. Your blogs will have 'customize' and 'stats' options next to them, too.


Once you've made a post, you can easily share it by linking it, depending on the privacy settings you set earlier. Additionally, if you view the post, you can edit it by clicking on 'edit' in the top left corner. You can also view posts from the blog they're in; here, you can hover over specific posts to get more options. Most of them are fairly self-explanatory, but you can 'pin' posts to the top of your blog (, or change posts back into drafts, putting them back on that page.

Unfortunately, WriteFreely does not currently have a comment system. This is being worked on.


If you have a Mastodon account (or an account with other federated social media platforms), you can follow a blog by searching for it in the search bar, using the same [username@repository.triggerphra.se] format. Their posts will show up in your timeline, the same way normal Mastodon posts do. As of right now, the WriteFreely account won't be informed, but this should change.